Nothing to See Here (Removal of Sydney Harbour Bridge), 2013

Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

A black, PVC-clad scenic lookout located on the eastern side of Cockatoo Island, from which the Sydney Harbour Bridge can usually be seen. Upon peering through the lookout’s viewfinder, visitors were presented with a live image of Sydney Harbour from which the Harbour Bridge had disappeared. The lookout’s viewfinder showed the Harbour exactly as it was at that present moment: every seagull, sailboat or picnicker that would be visible from this vantage point was there. The only thing missing was the Harbour Bridge.

Accompanying the scenic lookout was a 32-page, black-and-white publication containing essays, collections of pictures and textual excerpts about other acts of denial and erasure in Australian history.

The publication is available online here. copy 3.jpg